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(no subject)
Anyone know how to get ahold of Rochelle Dolowitz besides her Yahoo e-mail? I sent a message through Kerby Lane's contact but if someone knows her personally it would be good to let her know what happened.

Looks like her e-mail account was hacked and someone is trying to get money by claiming she was mugged in London and asking people to send money by Western Union. This is a known scam so don't send money and if you can get the word out that it's not legit it would be good. Not sure if DoA is okay with letting people know not to respond to that e-mail but if it is, if someone could post something there too.

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Yeah, I got that email too, but it went right to my spam folder so I didn't know until another friend mentioned she had gotten the email.

I tried sending Rochelle a PM on DoA (since her email seems to be hacked) and I know she does use her ID sometimes because she has sold on DoA.

I'd offer to try to call, but using the telephone tends to make my toddler throw a tantrum. :/

Sounds like they got the word of what happened. I hope no one responded to that e-mail. Yeah it's a long distance call for me and I figured they would at least be checking their site contacts. I hope it's not too much of a problem for them.

Baby wants you to talk to her not other people! =)

I got the same E-mail from the Kingstate doll furniture people. Stupid hackers!

I'm always getting the ones where supposedly there is a bank account somewhere that someone has to give me the money from it, lol! But when they try to take advantage of personal relationship and the goodness of people's hearts, it's low.

Thank you for the Christmas card btw! I am sorry I didn't get something sent yet, been busy trying to pack. It's surprising how much time it takes when trying to not just throw things in boxes. Hope things are going well for you.

There is a phone number listed on the website: 512-452-7086

Oh and it says on the twitter thing that they are aware of the problem and trying to fix it.

That's good.

I just worried that someone out there would actually believe that e-mail because there are people that naive.

How are you doing if you don't mind me asking? I saw that your dolls are getting rather popular which is wonderful to see. I hope everything is good.

Yeah, I can see how people who haven't come across that particular scam before could easily fall for it...

I'm going pretty good these days, both healthwise and creatively, life is great. I'm pleased that the dolls are well received, it's been slightly nerve wracking with the waiting and so on, but things feel good now.

Hope things are well with you too :)

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