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Junko Mizuno Pure Trance figures for sale
maneki neko

A couple people asked about the extras I have, so posting them here for sale. They are $12 each, that is for the cost, local taxes (yes they hit me with those and we have about the highest right now) and for Paypal fees. Shipping depends on how many you want and where you live. If you want any, just note in a comment with your zip code and I will get you the price.

So here are the ones I have

Umeko & Takeko (sold)  But please take a look, I have four others still for sale including Safari Panda


Sugiura-kun, I have two of him

The Lady from Maruyama


And Safari Panda

If anyone wants the Peecol, I will throw that in for free

Thanks for looking!  If you want any references, I have a number of positive transactions on DoA and with people on LJ, and feedback on eBay.

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AHAHAH- I was going through them and it was 'cute, cute,cute.... OMG ZOMBIE!' :D

They are adorable. ^__^

Did you get the whole box set or just order a few? I'm about to order the whole set, but I don't want duplicates.

I ordered the box. If you order it you will get duplicates and odds are you won't get every one. I even got three of one piece.

I don't mind getting a few duplicates but this was pretty bad. And people who said they wanted some from me, only one person actually went through with it and bought a few.

I don't know what to tell you if you want one of every piece. I know the horse is really hard to get and went for good money on eBay the other day. I think Kid Robot should have been upfront about that these would not be complete sets but totally random if you bought the whole box.

Are Umeko and Takeko still available?

Yes they are, and if you let me know what your zip code is I can get you the shipping and all. I'm hoping to get to the post office tomorrow.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Just sent payment! Thanks!

They are boxed up and ready to go. Thanks!

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