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Good news and bad news
maneki neko

The good news is I already have my Junko Mizuno toys!
The bad news is...there are duplicates and you don't get one of everything. Grrrrrrrr

So yeah I have some for sale ;_;

This is the really nice display box for the Junko Mizuno toys. I didn't order anything else so was suprised to see the small box.


I don't know what this is, I guess the top and bottoms are interchangeable with others?  I am going to have to find him a new home.  Would have been better not to have been given this because now I have to spend time getting rid of him.  Wish people would ask before sending stuff.

So I'm all excited, then go through the trouble of opening the heavily glued box to find inside shiny silver bag.  Not clear so that means I have to open each one...

The bag out of the box.  And a look at the blind boz.  I figure the numbers under the characters are the odds of getting that character.  Which means the horse is the hardest to get.  No I did not get the horse.

But I got this melty guy.  This is the first one I opened.  Sammy-kun.  Sammy-kun is up for adoption.  I will be doing a separate post later on with all the ones I'm selling.

I forgot what what next but one of them was No. 175 Kiyomi.  This made me feel better.  I have two of her, but I think one may be spoken for already.

Yuki & Miki the magical twins.  I have two sets of them.

Rika doing her meat dance.  Hey, it's Junko Mizuno, expect strangeness.

Umeko & Takeko, artificial Nurses.  The pills are fake too.  I have three of these, so yes two are up for sale.

Sugiura-kun the zoo keeper.  Two of him and I don't think I'm keeping either.  I believe the hot dogs are suppose to go in his mouth.

Seiko the Idol.  I think she's very cute, is now sitting up on my self with some other goodies. 

Safari Panda is one sad looking panda.  I actually have two so that's one good thing I guess.

This is the suprise toy.  Uh, okay.  Yes it's strange, a rat and a bunny IV bag.  Although bunny IV bags might make hospital stays a little better.

The Lady from Maruyama.  With a spider in her hair and a snake by her side.  I have two of her also.

So as you can see, it's rather not good that they are selling a full box but you do get duplicates and not all of them.  Although I don't feel bad about not getting the brain with spinal cord or the horse that looks like a My Little Pony.  Just going to have to sell all the extras somehow.  Not on eBay right now either.  Way too many stupid questions on there. 

So I was down to the last two blind boxes and feeling a bit anxious.  Started trying to figure out where I would try and find the kitty one.

Luck was with me!  All that for this little critter.


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how much do you want a piece for them?

I've put a sale post up with the ones for sale. I'm not getting anything extra from selling them, so I'm offering them at $12 which is the cost, local taxes and paypal fees. Shipping is based on weight and location. So if you are interested, take a look at my most recent post.

Wow, it kind of... well, blows that they don't put one of each in every box. I'm glad you got the kitty, at least! And Seiko & Rika are adorable.

Yeah, it's weird because some toy companies do put one of each and others don't...which makes me not want to buy from them in the future. Even if it's not one of each, no duplicates!

At least most of them are cute. I like Junko's art!

Well, that sucks that they don't include all of them. I'm fine with blind boxes and kinda taking your chances when you buy random boxes. But with a whole box set, I would expect all of them to be present.

BTW How much are you asking for them? I'm half-considering buying one or two from you.

Those are really awesome, although it does kinda suck that they're random and not the whole set. If you're selling the duplicates, I think I would be interested too, especially in the twins.

I think they are pretty cool. I've made a new post with the info and which ones I have left for sale. Just hoping to get my money back, especially on the duplicates ;_;

I don't know much about Junko Mizuno, but these things are frikkin adorable XD That's all I wanted to say!

They are cute! I wonder if Junko is more popular outside of Japan? I was suprised in the number of people who are interested in these!

Wow, I commented in your sale post about the duplicates before I saw this post and that blows. Usually when you order a whole set (especially for $200!) you get one of each. Shame on Kidrobot for not doing what other companies do when ordering a whole set. Now I'm doubting buying the whole box.

I'm use to buying Rements where you get one of each in the box and no duplicates. I knew there was a possiblity that this would not be like that so I am just trying to see if I can sell the extras. I don't know if I would have bought the box, just dealing with people on eBay to get the ones I want....sigh.

I will say I got everything except the two hardest ones, the Brain and the Horse. Odds are most boxes are that way. Just would end up paying for extra ones also.

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