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If anyone knows of anyone looking for a pair of rocking horse shoes
alice run
I have a pair of black Montreals (the ones with the vinyl bottom) which would fit a size 6 narrow or medium foot.  Or a little smaller. 

They are brand new except to try them on.  I would want what I paid ($60.00 if paypal credit card) plus shipping.  

They are suppose to be 61/2 to 7, but I think they run even smaller than one size.  I have a 6 wide foot and they fit me in length but are just too tight across my foot so a 6 medium or narrow or 5 to 5 1/2 would be perfect for these shoes.

They are very nice and I will have photos if anyone is interested. They are black uppers with the loop for the ribbon at the top of the heel.  Simulated wood lowers.

Just thought I would offer them here first.

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Lolita_Lola or 69th Dept (they carry the same brand) of RHS shoes. Great quality too!

I'm not trying to buy a pair, I'm trying to sell the pair I have. If you know anyone looking for a pair, these are the ones I have for sale since they are just a little too small.

Perhaps you can try selling them on the egl_comm_sales community. There's always a someone who will want them.

Forewarned: You might ending up dealing with a lot of cheapskates on that community. You will have to firm about your prices and how you handle the transactions. And don't do business with "Riji_pon"!!! She's more trouble than she's worth. That girl is notorious for making outrageously large bids, tends to back out on sales, and manipulates posts mostly to screw around with bidding. >_<;

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