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Just want to post in case because of the bad tornado in Moore Ok
maneki neko
In case you know her but do not have her on Twitter, that caerbannog, Jennifer, and her family and pets are okay and their home did not have damage. However there are a lot of people just to the south of where she lives that were not so lucky so hoping there will be ways to help out in the near future.

(no subject)
Anyone know how to get ahold of Rochelle Dolowitz besides her Yahoo e-mail? I sent a message through Kerby Lane's contact but if someone knows her personally it would be good to let her know what happened.

Looks like her e-mail account was hacked and someone is trying to get money by claiming she was mugged in London and asking people to send money by Western Union. This is a known scam so don't send money and if you can get the word out that it's not legit it would be good. Not sure if DoA is okay with letting people know not to respond to that e-mail but if it is, if someone could post something there too.

You made them smile
maneki neko
 Today was a better day, even though it's cooooooold.

Better because I have Poko Bagel Cafe bags for those who want them.

They were surprised and very happy.

I will contact everyone when I get home.

thanks again!

Okay, been trying to think of something to do
maneki neko
 This is Poko

This is Poko's wooden double in his Holiday outfit.

And this is Poko Bagel Cafe which is a couple doors down from where I am staying right now.
They are one of the small businesses in Japan that is being affected by everything going on right now. They re-opened today but business is way down. Many of their customers are not able to come into work here.
They don't know I am doing this.
poko cafe
This is a Poko Bagel Cafe ecopoko bag. If you look at the link above they also come in green and pink. They are 37 cm by 35 cm and cost 600 yen.
I was thinking that if a few people want one or two, let me know. I can bring some back because they won't take up much room. You can gift paypal me the money when I get back and I will take care of shipping costs if you are in the US. Because how many puppies have a bagel shop named after them and also a cute bag?

Junko Mizuno Pure Trance figures for sale
maneki neko

A couple people asked about the extras I have, so posting them here for sale. They are $12 each, that is for the cost, local taxes (yes they hit me with those and we have about the highest right now) and for Paypal fees. Shipping depends on how many you want and where you live. If you want any, just note in a comment with your zip code and I will get you the price.

So here are the ones I have

Umeko & Takeko (sold)  But please take a look, I have four others still for sale including Safari Panda

The rest are under this cutCollapse )

Good news and bad news
maneki neko

The good news is I already have my Junko Mizuno toys!
The bad news is...there are duplicates and you don't get one of everything. Grrrrrrrr

So yeah I have some for sale ;_;

So on with the showCollapse )

If anyone knows of anyone looking for a pair of rocking horse shoes
alice run
I have a pair of black Montreals (the ones with the vinyl bottom) which would fit a size 6 narrow or medium foot.  Or a little smaller. 

They are brand new except to try them on.  I would want what I paid ($60.00 if paypal credit card) plus shipping.  

They are suppose to be 61/2 to 7, but I think they run even smaller than one size.  I have a 6 wide foot and they fit me in length but are just too tight across my foot so a 6 medium or narrow or 5 to 5 1/2 would be perfect for these shoes.

They are very nice and I will have photos if anyone is interested. They are black uppers with the loop for the ribbon at the top of the heel.  Simulated wood lowers.

Just thought I would offer them here first.